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License#: S59583000

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My decision to become a Realtor started when I bought my first home back in the 90s.
There was such a lack of service through out the entire process that I saw a need to fill. The need was to make the Real Estate experience more human by providing top notch service to buyers and sellers.
So I jumped in with both feet and earned my license. Right from the start I began with a whole new style by being a hands on Realtor. I always try to keep the experience upbeat and fun whenever possible.
Professionalism is also key so blending the 2 works very well and I feel personal service makes my client's happy and comfortable. I want to enjoy the experience too and when the big day comes and my folks reach their Real Estate goal it is a happy day! Being a Realtor can be very rewarding.
Negotiating for my clients is essential to a happy outcome. I have strong negotiating skills from my years in the industry but my background is where it began..
My previous experience is with a local utility I was there 21 years. The customer service experience and training is something that is not commonly found in today's world. I worked with people daily and I also negotiated for my fellow employees this is where I developed my early negotiating skills. Now that I am a Realtor I have sharpened my skills and I find that gratifying. My clients thank me for working hard for them. I hope you select me as your Realtor so I can also help you reach your Real Estate goals.

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